Coconut Whipped ‘Cream’

I absolutely adore finding little kitchen tricks. I also absolutely adore when they work. This is one of those times~

It’s as easy as popping a can of coconut milk in the fridge, overnight – although longer certainly wouldn’t hurt. As does happen, the cream rises to the top and solidifies in the chill of the fridge. The result is rich & thick enough to whip and hold it’s shape. If it starts to weep when at room temp too long, just pop in back in the fridge for a bit, and simply go at it with more whipping.

Dairy free and much lower in calories… this is a tasty, viable alternative to using heavy whipping cream. Hinting of the exotic and delicious atop many things, from lemon mousse to rum & rhubarb compote … or, as in the case of my young nephews… for most any pie. God help you if when offering them pie you say there’s no whipped cream; they offer you the stink eye in return~

One can is such a small amount, you’ll need to use something other than a stand mixer. I mistakenly started out using a kitchenaid. I then switched to a hand whisk, and whipped like back in culinary school – it was always a contest to see who was fastest.

Coconut Whipped ‘Cream’

This will make more than enough to top after dinner dessert, so use a glass or metal (anything but plastic) bowl that you can store any remaining in the fridge. Cover it tightly and it will last for a few days… unless of course it’s all gobbled up. Then just whip it back into shape, literally~

1 can, good quality coconut milk
1 Tbsp icing sugar (or less if you prefer)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Put the can of coconut milk in the fridge, at least the day before you want to use it.

Remove the lid from the chilled can of milk, and scoop out the cream that has formed a sort of raft on top. Be careful to not add too much of the milk underneath – or it might not whip up to hold it’s shape.

Add the cream, icing sugar and vanilla to a small, deep mixing bowl.

Using your fave method, be it a hand mixer, blending stick or good old fashioned whisk, whip the coconut cream as you would whipping cream – until peaks form.