Chicken. And more memories of Mom’s kitchen.

Exactly when did the world become so obsessed with taking all the good bits and good taste, from chicken? Is everyone so time starved that needing an extra 15 or 20 minutes cooking time is too much to ask?? Or… is it the whole thinking you’re eating too much fat thing?? I am of course, referring to the bones and skin – essential parts for good taste. At most grocers now, it`s difficult to find chicken with the bone in and/or skin on. Go on… Ask for it. Cook your chicken with the skin on…. you’ll find the difference in not only taste, but how juicy the chicken is. Just don’t eat it, if you don’t want to.

And now…. they’ve done it with chicken thighs. The absolute very best part of the bird…. is now sold boneless. Aaaack. Skinless. Tasteless. At this point, it would not surprise me if someone started selling deboned chicken wings!!!

Growing up on a farm, in addition to all the produce we grew, we also raised cattle, pigs, ducks and chickens. I can remember collecting eggs, from the chickens and ducks. I remember how unbelievably jazzed Mom would get over the duck eggs…. saving those precious gems for baking!!

I remember, too, when it was time to…. uh… process, the chickens. Am I ever glad I had older brothers to do these unsavory, but necessary chores. It was about survival. It was about life on the farm. 

Mom with older brothers Steve and Andy. They would grow into being quite the farm hands! 

I’m thrilled to live close to a fantastic butcher shop. The quality? Excellent. The prices? In most cases, not much difference from any large grocery chain. The taste….incomparable. The selection… whole chickens and chicken pieces – with the bone in AND skin on!! So maybe you wouldn’t roast a whole chicken. Wait a minute….. why wouldn’t you?? One of the classics, so easy to put together, add flavour – and let the oven do the heavy lifting, or in this case, roasting. The work = easy. Rub the chicken with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper and put it in a hot oven…. depending on the size of the bird, within a couple hours, culinary heaven! You can of course add extras to the cavity for flavour: a branch of fresh rosemary, other fresh herbs, garlic, cut lemons…. Try it first, with just the olive oil, salt and pepper so you can taste, how a roasted chicken should taste. AND see just how damn tasty it is!!

Even if you`re not cooking for many, what you will have, is plenty of a good thing, to turn into other good things to eat. I`m not just talking sammies here. Think chicken as protein to add to any salad – greens, Caesar, Greek, lentil, bean, etc.  Think chicken quesadilla. Or pizza. Think standing in the fridge at night, perusing the contents of the fridge while munching on cold chicken…..

Right. Now… so you don’t feel cheated that there’s no recipe, see the link below. It’s for yet another fantastic dish from Everyday Food; starring bone in, skin on chicken!