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There are some things that just give you smug satisfaction. It’s like being right, even though you never knew you were wrong. In this instance, it’s about one of the cheapest, simplest and most delicious recipes I’ve ever come across…. and the smug part, for me, is because it fits right into cucina povera. (If you’ve been following my posts you definitely know what this is….)

Cucina povera is at the root of all Italian cooking – and dare I say root of all cooking, from any country. Yes, all nationalities have it and it’s also known as peasant food – the stick to your ribs, belly and soul filling stuff that costs little to make, and is made of what’s available. The only catch, is that it takes time… time to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

An example from my Polish heritage… Periogi. Now… who would’ve thought that taking a filling of cooked potatoes & a little cheese (both probably leftover) and using it to stuff what’s basically a dumpling (flour, eggs & water) would be good eats??!!

Even if you think you don’t like Carrot Soup, you’ve got to try this. Especially if you want to feel smug about something~

Carrot Ginger Soup

2 healthy/healthy sized portions

The original recipe did say to use water and not stock; this so it wouldn’t interfere with the taste of the carrots. If you start by sautéing all the vegetables you’ll not only shorten the cooking time, but will also get maximum flavour from them. Purée with a stick blender,
or use a food processor or blender.  Wonderful vegetarian soup – leave out the butter for vegans. Or, to posh it up, add some cream or milk to finish. PS without cream, I would estimate this cost about 75 cents to make.

Carrots, 2-3 large, thinly sliced (to cook faster!)
Onion, 1 small, diced small
Garlic, 1 clove minced
Ginger, approx 1 tsp, finely grated (more if you want it zippier!)
Olive Oil & Butter, 2 teaspoons of each
Water, to cover by about 1″

Over medium heat, sauté all the vegetables, without browning, until carrots are almost tender.
Add water and bring to the boil; simmer until carrots are soft.
Puree using your favorite method/appliance (a food mill would also work)
Season with salt & pepper.

2 thoughts on “Carrot Ginger Soup

  • jen

    Okay, I went and bought all these ingredients last night. You've inspired me! Also, possibly a very stupid question: when/how do you add the olive oil & butter? (I really don't do this whole "cooking" thing very often… haha)

  • Just In Thyme

    Hi Jen, Good to know I'm providing inspiration! As for your 'rookie question….' that's my bad. You want to heat the pot first, then add the fats, and heat them before adding the veg. (This to prevent the ingredients from sticking) ps Best way to up your rookie status – read some recipes. It'll come and good for you for trying!

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