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Moroccan Spiced Carrot Slaw

Don’t you love recipes that take an ordinary ingredient and turn it into something extraordinary?  I think you’re going to feel the same about this bright & interesting salad that features humble carrots, from the LCBO’s Food & Drink Magazine.

Moroccan Spiced Carrot Slaw

Sweet & Sour Cucumber Salad

Mom’s Sweet & Sour Cucumber Salad

Growing up on a farm meant learning to cook and eat in season, and I’ll always be grateful to have learned that from a young age. I also learned that more often that not, simple is best when it comes to handling what is fresh and seasonal! One recipe frequently made […]

No-Mayo Coleslaw

Everybody loves coleslaw as a side dish, and we’re getting to that time of year when it will be in high demand for all types of outdoor eating. From back yard barbecues to picnics in the park, this tasty coleslaw, not as heavy as those with mayo, and will also […]

No Mayo Coleslaw

Chives: A First Edible Sign of Spring

As kids growing up on a farm we all had our tasks, known then not so affectionately, as chores. Living and managing a 100-acre parcel of land meant lots of work, and that included tasks for little hands. There were always weeds to be pulled, and low hanging fruit & vegetables to be picked. […]

Gluten Free Sesame and Mozzarella Crackers

My quest for finding new and interesting gluten free recipes prompted a library search, which recently led to this marvellous recipe for gluten free ginger snaps and now this very interesting cracker recipe, which is from ‘The Joy of Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking,’ by Peter Reinhard & Denene Wallace. Having researched […]

Gluten Free Sesame and Mozzarella Crackers

Cheese & Onion Biscuits

Easy Cheese & Onion Biscuits

Biscuits are not a recipe you see much of anymore, which is a shame. As far as quick breads go, nothing could be…quicker. Or easier. By the time the oven is heated, you can have these Easy Cheese & Onion Biscuits ready to bake.

Roasted Fennel Gratin 2

Fennel is a marvellous vegetable, used as a digestive by Italians, and usually eaten raw in dishes like this fennel, mushroom & orange salad. Roasting it mellows its pronounced licorice like flavour, leaving it soft and creamy. A topping of bread crumbs and parmesan cheese becomes salty & crispy in this Roasted […]

Roasted Fennel Gratin

Parmesan Rosemary Shortbread

Parmesan Rosemary Shortbread

My recent flurry of baking Christmas sweets & desserts had me thinking that I should include at least one savoury item. A girl does need something to go with her glass of bubbly, after all! Parmesan Rosemary Shortbread, adapted from an Ina Garten recipe for Parmesan Thyme Crackers, are just […]

Puff Pastry Ham & Tomato Tarts

It seems that I go through phases in my love affair with puff pastry, and much like rediscovering the joys of again reading a favourite book, I fall in love all over again.

Puff Pastry Ham & Tomato Tarts