fish & seafood

White Fish en Papillote with Lemon & Capers

This recipe is one of those that has as much enjoyment in the making as it does in the eating. Cooking […]

Oven Roasted Salmon Gratin with Balsamic Glaze

If I had to choose just one fish recipe to eat for the rest of my days, this salmon dish that […]

Mediterranean Fish en Papillote

One of the best things about attending a lengthy culinary program is the plethora of cooking methods learned. If you want […]

Fillet of Sole with Lemon, Basil & Pine Nuts

 If you’re looking for a recipe to give some zing to how you cook fish, look no further. This Sicilian classic […]

Linguine alle vongole

I’ve finally gotten around to making Linguine alle Vongole – Linguine with Clams. Not quite sure why, but this classic had been on my mind […]

Dijon and Herb Panko Crusted Salmon

Sometimes, people tell me they don’t eat any salmon because they find the taste too strong. Sometimes, I’m saying exactly the […]