Awesome Chicken Soup (Gluten Free)

  A recent craving for chicken soup brought back delicious memories of the version my Mom made, wholesome, so full of fantastic flavour, comfort by the spoonful. Having recently extolled on the virtues of knowing how to roast chicken I’m now thinking that making a good homemade chicken soup should be added […]

Bowl of chicken soup

how to roast a chicken

How To Roast Chicken 2

Whether you cook a little or a lot, knowing how to roast a chicken should most definitely be something you know how to do! It takes very little effort to prep the bird for the oven, and the rewards start when those amazing aromas begin wafting, leaving you time to ponder […]

Pesto Roasted Chicken & Baby Potatoes

There’s nothing like the immense satisfaction of conjuring up a dish that’s not only oh-so-cleverly used up ingredients that were on hand, but that ends up being so damn good – you just can’t wait to make it again! This one-pan dinner of Pesto Roasted Chicken & Baby Potatoes can be ready in […]

Baking pan one-dish dinner of pesto roast chicken & baby potatoes

plate of honey thyme roasted chicken thighs and carrots

Honey, Thyme Roasted Chicken Thighs & Carrots

  One pan dinners are a cold weather go-to in my kitchen, and when they’re impossibly gorgeous as this is, good taste is sure to follow!

Roasted Lemon Chicken & Potatoes, Greek Style 2

There’s something in a Sunday that cries out for a one-dish dinner to be popped in the oven, letting you get on with other things. Or, with nothing, for that matter. There’s joy in just taking time to sit and ponder where you’ve been and where you’re going in life, […]

One Dish Roast Chicken & Vegetables 2

There’s just something that’s oh-so satisfying about a good, I mean really good, one dish meal. Even for someone that’s a professional in the field of cooking, I can assure you the gratification is immense. Is it a combination of… the cleverness, the ease and the ultimate end result of a […]

Chorizo & Chicken Paella

If you read about the history of paella, it’ll tell you that the dish came to be out of necessity. Using whatever was on hand, Spanish farmers used what they had – throwing together bits of meat, seafood & vegetables with rice – and a classic was born. Getting gentrified […]

Sambal Chicken Skewers

 Everyone needs a few recipes in their go-to file… that is, recipes that meet the requirements of easy to make, taste great… and like you slaved for hours!!This should be one of those. When you read the list of ingredients, don’t balk when you see fish sauce. Not to worry. […]

BBQ Pulled Chicken

This is a great recipe and substitute for pulled pork!! For whatever reason you don’t like/eat pork and have never tried the BBQ pulled variety, I urge you to give this recipe a try! The first thing I realized when tasting this, other than how lip-smacking dee-lish it was, was […]