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Cookbook Review: Against the Grain, by Nancy Cain

Reviewing a cookbook is not something I often do, but having totally fallen in love with this incredible one I have to share it […]

against the grain cookbook

Blogging, Contests & the Latest Winner Is… 4

blog (web log) [blawg, blog] noun 1. a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and […]

The Joy of Asking~ 2

It’s amazing what you can get, when you ask… nicely, especially when you believe that most people really are, and want […]

Memories of the farm @ harvest time! 2

I’m in the kitchen making lovely things with vegetables. Balsamic onions are simmering, a zucchini & Parmigiano frittata is cooling, and as […]

food products as travel souvenirs… si, certo!

When I get the opportunity to travel, like most people I do like to bring home souvenirs. Not one for trinkets […]

Gluten Free Tuna Sandwich Roll 2

Habits of a lifetime are seemingly, impossible to change. Just ask anyone who’s quit a nasty one. And I do say […]