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Cookbook Review: Against the Grain, by Nancy Cain

Reviewing a cookbook is not something I often do, but having totally fallen in love with this incredible one I have to share it with you! Against the Grain: extraordinary gluten free recipes made from real, all natural ingredients, is by Nancy Cain, and published in 2015. Also the owner of Against the […]

against the grain cookbook

Blogging, Contests & the Latest Winner Is… 4

blog (web log) [blawg, blog] noun 1. a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. 2. a single entry or post on such a website: She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine’s website. verb (used […]

The Joy of Asking~ 2

It’s amazing what you can get, when you ask… nicely, especially when you believe that most people really are, and want to be, helpful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it in an… it’s-all-about-me-me-me-way. That’s never been my m.o. and I don’t see that changing. I used to think that I […]

Memories of the farm @ harvest time! 2

I’m in the kitchen making lovely things with vegetables. Balsamic onions are simmering, a zucchini & Parmigiano frittata is cooling, and as I slice mushrooms for a dish yet to be decided, my thoughts suddenly veer off and I’m thinking back to life on the farm.  This time of year meant bringing […]

food products as travel souvenirs… si, certo!

When I get the opportunity to travel, like most people I do like to bring home souvenirs. Not one for trinkets or tchotchkes, my souvenirs tend to be food related, if not actual food items. Stretching the gamut I’ll venture to, and as I posted on earlier in the year, items […]

Gluten Free Tuna Sandwich Roll 2

Habits of a lifetime are seemingly, impossible to change. Just ask anyone who’s quit a nasty one. And I do say nasty because face it… who in their right mind gives up a good habit!! In the quest for a gluten free existence that my body desires, I think I’m […]

to Italy and back

After a fabulous two weeks away, I’m back at home, in my kitchen and at my desk, ready to pick up where I left off. It’s funny how I thought I would miss being out of the kitchen for so long… but it would seem that I really needed the break. […]

Mother’s Day 1

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as I experience the joys & frustrations of creating my new blog site… and not that I need an excuse or reason but I can’t help but think about my Mom. Having finally gotten to the point of being able to say […]

The holidays, continued…

If you’ve read one of my recent posts, you know I didn’t take the long awaited trip to my favourite city of Florence, Italy. In it’s stead, I’ve stayed in Ontario and had a fantastically & most relaxing holiday with family. Nothing can replace being with those that mean the […]