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Easy Apple Puff Pastry Hand Pies

Whew! That title for sure is a mouthful, but a most appropriate, delicious mouthful to describe all that’s good about this […]

Easy Apple Puff Pastry Hand Pies

Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Tart

Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Tart

Sweet, tart, and with flaky gluten free pastry, this is everything you want in a lemon-based dessert. Absolutely delicious, this recipe […]

Easy as Pie Peach Pie that’s-technically-not-a-pie

Trying to eat healthfully certainly can have it’s challenges, but it shouldn’t mean that you have to go without foods you […]

Peach pie topped with pastry heart cut outs

Coconut Cream Pie, Gluten Free Coconut Pie Crust

It can be a little daunting when you make something for the first time, even to someone who’s spent far too […]

Peach & Blueberry Galette

With the abundance of local summer produce currently available, I just have to say… “I’m in heaven!” It’s that time of […]