Nutella & Pistachio Brownie Pizza (Gluten Free) 4

My recent post on easy ultimate pizza dough had me thinking about how many pizzas (pizze, for the Italian plural) I’ve made […]

close up picture of a wedge of Nutella pistachio chocolate pizza

S’Mores Candy

If you had to pick one sweet treat that’s synonymous with summer it would be s’mores, and with this easy to make […]

Triple Chocolate Brownies

If someone were to compile a list of all time favourite desserts I’d bet my last bar of premium 70% chocolate that […]

Nutella Hazelnut Cups 2

I’ve been making peanut butter cups for so long that it was really just a matter of time until I felt […]

Chocolate Salame/salame al cioccolato

There are some recipe ideas that grab you and just won’t seem to let go – such was the case with […]

Ultimate Gooey Gluten Free Espresso Double Chocolate Brownies 2

It’s been awhile since I made these GF Espresso Double Chocolate Brownies, when I got a lot of feedback from some very keen […]