culinary explorer: Italy

To Market, To Market

The early days… Since growing up on a farm I’ve been privileged to know the importance, and joys, of eating fresh […]

food products as travel souvenirs… si, certo!

When I get the opportunity to travel, like most people I do like to bring home souvenirs. Not one for trinkets […]

Culinary Explorer: Gelateria la Carraia, Florence, Italy

Gelateria la Carraia Piazza Nazario Sauro, 25, 50124 Florence, Italy This place is so consistently fantastic, that I had to rate […]

more food fun in Florence…

In looking back through the photos from my most recent trip to Italy, it’s reaffirmed the importance of good food and […]

food of Florence~

From the traditional to the new… and not a grain of quinoa or a leaf of kale in sight… here’s a few pics from […]

to Italy and back

After a fabulous two weeks away, I’m back at home, in my kitchen and at my desk, ready to pick up where […]