culinary explorer: Italy

food products as travel souvenirs… si, certo!

When I get the opportunity to travel, like most people I do like to bring home souvenirs. Not one for trinkets or tchotchkes, my souvenirs tend to be food related, if not actual food items. Stretching the gamut I’ll venture to, and as I posted on earlier in the year, items […]

Culinary Explorer: Gelateria la Carraia, Florence, Italy

Gelateria la Carraia Piazza Nazario Sauro, 25, 50124 Florence, Italy This place is so consistently fantastic, that I had to rate it on tripadvisor. It ended up being the first of many reviews on my most recent Italian vacay.

more food fun in Florence…

In looking back through the photos from my most recent trip to Italy, it’s reaffirmed the importance of good food and good eating – for all. Readily available everywhere are fresh products, as well as some convenience – let’s face it, these are modern times – at generally very good prices. […]

food of Florence~

From the traditional to the new… and not a grain of quinoa or a leaf of kale in sight… here’s a few pics from my most recent trip: getting picnic fare to join new friends…

to Italy and back

After a fabulous two weeks away, I’m back at home, in my kitchen and at my desk, ready to pick up where I left off. It’s funny how I thought I would miss being out of the kitchen for so long… but it would seem that I really needed the break. […]

Culinary Explorer: fun with food shopping in Rome~

After spending a few days in the glory that is Rome, I’m relaxing and restoring my inner peace in beautiful Florence, my favourite city anywhere. Even though I’ve been to both cities several times, they continue to impress and inspire me, especially since there’s so much to learn. They say to get […]

Culinary Explorer: Campo de’ Fiori, Rome

Campo de’ Fiori:Field of Flowers, Rome, Italy A few ‘blocks’ south of Piazza Navona in Rome’s centro storico, this public square of some notoriety has been in use for commercial enterprise since sometime in the 1400s. What’s evolved into today’s produce market has fruit, vegetables, spices and other various ingredients, tools […]

Culinary Explorer: IL Duca, Trastevere, Rome

IL Duca Ristorante Vicolo Dè Cinque, 52 00153 Rome, Italy +39 06 581 7706 This place is without a doubt, il mio preferito/a preferred place to eat, when in Rome. I go there each time I visit, sometimes twice. The very first time, was on a recommendation. I’ve been hooked […]

Culinary Explorer: Mercato di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

Mercato di San Lorenzo Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 50123 Florence, Italy+39 055 210214 If you’re a fan of food markets, I mean the proper kind where the products are authentically local and ditto for the people selling them… you’re gonna love this place!! From anchovies to octopus, porcini to zucchini, […]