Buckwheat Crêpes


buckwheat crêpes

Some kitchen accidents are happy accidents and such is the case with this recipe for Buckwheat Crêpes! 

Craving pancakes and reaching for the buckwheat flour, the batter I ended up with was very thin, really almost halfway between pancakes and crêpe. Undaunted, I thinned the batter further, to be more of a crêpe consistency.

buckwheat crêpes

While that first attempt was… honestly, ok, I just knew I could do better. And I did! I looked up my favourite recipe for regular flour crêpes and did some tweaking. Serious tweaking – using what I’ve learned on my gluten free journey. Buckwheat flour is naturally gluten free, has fibre and iron, and brings a nutlike taste and colour to whatever you add it to.

buckwheat crêpes display

Versatile for sweet or savoury dishes, because there is no gluten being activated during mixing, the batter does not need to rest. Mix and cook! The crêpes come out very tender, which I found a bit surprising considering half the flour used was from good old-fashioned hearty buckwheat!

buckwheat crêpe breakfast wrap

Use them wherever you’d use crêpes or tortillas. Here I stuffed them with scrambled eggs, avocado and tomato for breakfast. Next up… I’ll try using them in a cheesy, melty quesadilla or with peanut butter & Nutella~

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