Bubble and Squeak 2

This ingenious dish of British origin is usually made after big holiday dinners. A serious example of real peasant food, it, like almost all these types of dishes, stands the test of time, getting passed down through generations.


Why do dishes like this survive…? Because they’re good. They’re also reminders of another time, usually when growing up. Everyone has their versions of comfort foods… usually something made by mom, an auntie or if you’re very lucky, you had a grandmother in your life, and in your kitchen.


In today’s world, this would make a great dish for a meatless Monday, using leftovers from Sunday dinner. You could certainly add whatever cooked veg you have on hand, in addition to some Brussels sprouts or cabbage. Think of fish cakes… usually made with mashed potatoes and cooked fish. You could come up with your very own clever combo calling it a form of vegetable cake. Or perhaps something more glamorous, if you’re trying to get some folks to eat their veg!


Do be sure to brown it well, on both sides. If you don’t have any of the recommended fats, use a combo of your favourite oil, and some butter. I do however, recommend that if you cook bacon at all, to save the fat from cooking; it stores for ages in your fridge, and is perfect for dishes like this!


Make this any size you want, depending on how many you’re serving. You could also top it with anything you’re in the mood for. Sausages & gravy are divine as a topper. For breakfast… how about some fried eggs & ham!


You could also make them individual using smaller skillets, altering the ingredients and toppings to please. Use what you have. It’s always a sign of cleverness in the kitchen!

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