Breakfast. Italian style.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have read, somewhere… that I love going to Italy. What’s not to love? The natural and distinct beauty of each region, the history, the architecture, the art, the wine, the food, the reverence for family and tradition, la dolce vita…..

I have been lucky enough to visit three times. Which is not nearly enough. When at home, I’m not one to leave in the morning without downing at least one coffee. When in Italy and especially if without a kitchen – I can’t wait for that morning fix at the local cafe… the clanging of cups and saucers, the hiss from the espresso machine, the morning chatter of the locals.. AND the scent of the fresh pastries and coffee… mamma mia, heaven on earth.

It’s been too long since my last visit which is why I’m now craving an Italian breakfast. By that, I do mean coffee and pastry… cappuccino e cornetto! This is no ordinary breakfast… even the name just rolls off your tongue. Cornetto con crema. Aaaaaaah…… crema. They also have them con cioccolato, with chocolate. But for me, it’s all about the crema!! Flaky croissant, stuffed with sweet delicious pastry cream and a lacy dusting of confectioner’s sugar… dolce vita, certo!

Then, the coffee. Un cappuccino… per favore. A perfect hit of dark, delicious, rocket fuel strength espresso, topped with proportionate quantities of hot steamed milk and foam. No bucket sized cups here – it’s quality above quantity.

I’ve been searching for cornetto for so long, I’ve ready to admit defeat. Italian specialty food shops, delis, bakeries….. niente! So, I will revert to what I do when I’m craving most food items… I’LL MAKE THEM MYSELF! So, armed with a proper recipe for the crema or pastry cream, I now am on the hunt for croissants.  If you`re in Toronto and have a place to get good croissant – please post in the comment section.