Books and their covers.

 There’s an Italian cookie called ‘brutti ma buoni’ – meaning ugly but good. It really is appropriately named, and not something you’d choose by it’s looks.

I’ve sampled these tasty little gems in Italy – you can buy them in cute little shops like this…

via Nazionale, Florence

 ….and I can tell you that the name is indeed appropriate –  on both counts.

Sadly, there are many fantastic dishes that fall into this category, that I’m sure on first glance, would have most people run for the door, rather than for a fork or spoon.


Sausage & Lentils

This was my New Years’ Day Dinner…. inspired by the tradition of more than one culture….. eating both lentils and pork, to bring luck for the upcoming year. This dish was soooooooooooo tasty, there’s no way I’m keeping it just for one day a year~

For some it might depend on if you grew up eating any of these unfortunately unattractive creations and for others, especially when you get older, how adventurous you might be with food. I would’ve included a picture of cabbage rolls here – but while looking for one, remembered that I deleted it because it was so unappealing, I thought to myself – no way I’d ever have use for that! Ha. See…. books and covers!

Next time you come across a food item that falls into the ‘not so pretty’ category… give it a try. You never know, you and your taste buds just might be pleasantly surprised~

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