Best Made Plans…

Plans {noun}: scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., 
developed in advance, i.e. battle plans.

If you know me at all, you’ll know I enjoy the art of making plans & organizing. Handy that, especially for my work as a personal chef. It’s also useful when doing my own travel arrangements.

A funny thing happens though, even with the best made plans. Take for example, today. Right about now I should’ve been getting ready to head for the airport, preparing to board my first flight, to eventually end up in Rome. My first Christmas in Italy..? Si! My first trip using miles collected over many (many) years… Grazie, molto grazie~

For a little context, this particular planning & organizing extravaganza started back in the summer, giving me yonks of time to research, plan, pick and book everything from rooms, to train tickets, to trying to land things like… yes, perhaps an entry to see Leonardo’s Last Supper in Milan. Which, btw, I could not do, mostly due to timing. Ha.

So, what do you do when life throws you a curve ball…? First, you get out of the way. Then… you regroup and step back up to the plate, with a change in plans. When the airlines tossed me such a ball, changing my initial flight – one leaving 8 hours earlier – UGH, throwing the most absolutely horrible wicked wrench into my plans, which would’ve had me up for at least 36 hours before getting anywhere near Europe, what did I do…? After considering what they might or might not allow me to do, I called them up. Let me just ask, I thought… after all if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

They were very kind indeed, giving me another choice of flights, but, leaving 2 days later. “How much time to decide…?” I asked. “Oh, pretty much right now…” was the response. Allrighty then, I’ll take it. In the meantime, I’d turned down working a party for a new client, which would’ve been the night before I was first supposed to leave. What’s a clever girl to do…?

Contact said client and see how their plans are.

“Yes! Was the response! I’ve never done it before, but what a great idea to have someone do the cooking for my party! Great idea!”

So, I got to to work a lovely party, for some very nice people – and all because of a curve ball. Something else that curve ball did …? Gave me just a wee bit more time for it to really sink in –
how positively tired, and exhausted really, I was from working AND not really having a proper vacation since last year. It has been a tough year, in many ways and I do so need a break from it all. From all the work, yes, even what I consider the fun stuff! I could also use some time with my nearest and dearest.

So… today, I find myself in the comfort, warmth and coziness that is my my brother’s house. Relaxed. Easy. Ahhh. It feels like Christmasses past, being here. Decorations up, kids excited, some last minute menu planning, bar stocked, discussion of which board game to play first… it’s all good. We’re all off work, shoulders dropped a little, breathing easier. Enjoying being together. Just being.

May this holiday season find you surrounded by nearest and dearest of your choosing. Safe. Loved. Happy Christmas everyone~