Bella Firenze!!

While on a long overdue vacation and enjoying la dolce vita in beautiful Florence, Italy… I find the only thing missing is having a kitchen! It just feels strange to not cook, especially since it’s such a big part of my life. Also strange, somewhat surreal and yet comforting… is the feeling that I’ve come home.

While I don’t have recipes to post from here, I would love to share some of the ga-zillion food pics I am taking. Around every corner is yet another fantastic, often times tiny, but delightful shop, market, food stall, caffeteria, ristorante, trattoria, rosticceria… LOVE IT!

OK… so while this was taken on the way here, I can’t help saying it. Toronto NEEDS Pret!! Read the package and you’ll see why~

While it’s not necessary to have a kitchen, as there is, obviously, delicious and reasonably priced food everywhere, it is somewhat like torture to visit a magnificent food market such as: Mercato San Lorenzo. Food and eating are taken very seriously here, as you can see as you walk around. When was the last time you saw a butcher swing a meat cleaver? Or, a fishmonger filleting a fish, that was just picked out by a signora, most likely for la cena stasera/tonight’s dinner?

An espresso/un caffe…? AMAZING!! Everywhere and generally less than 1 euro. WOW!! 

Other aspects include not touching, that’s NOT touching, anything at the fruit and vegetable stands – which can appear almost anywhere. It’s a big no-no. While I’m more than willing to practice my Italian, if you don’t know any, you just smile and point. The man in the hat will get what you want, while correcting your pronunciation!

Would LOVE to be able to buy arugula back home, in these cute little/perfect sized sacks.

Coloured marzipan… just like that, as I round an aisle?? Are you kidding me!!

So… I did try this local specialty – years ago, on my first trip here. It IS the street food of Florence. The Italians defo are ingenious and thrifty – this is one of the best examples I know, of using the cow’s stomach for a panino!

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