Because I can.

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve taken shots, pot shots, if you will – for things I do with or to, food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I mind at all – from my perspective I find it interesting that anyone would even comment. For example… why wouldn’t I split an English muffin with a fork rather than a knife, before toasting? From where I sit, I like things I make to taste as good as they possibly can. Not that I need validation for what I do, but let me just say… I’ve had bosses that have not only totally dug, but relied on “my attention to detail!”

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Another example was being ribbed, again, years ago, while making caramel sauce. “Why are you bothering…?” I was asked.” Why? More like… why not! I guess I’m that sort of person who enjoys not only the eating of food, but the process of making it. As well as… the researching, planning, shopping, prepping…. need I go on?

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I’m also not the person who would buy a bread machine, not that I would hold it against anyone who would. For me… the process of kneading dough is so relaxing, it’s something I love to do, especially if I’m feeling stressed. I always have yeast and I always have flours on hand. I put on some nice, chill music and get to it. Ahhhhhhhh. In this case it’s almost hard to say if I enjoy the making of the bread more than the eating!! And, for any of you with a bread machine, good for you!! Isn’t there a remarkable difference between (most) store bought and home made??

The last example I’m going to share with you, hits really close to home – and involves a Christmas turkey. Not realizing a certain family member was behind me watching, I was prepping the bird for the oven. No big deal. I was doing what I would do anywhere, anytime… if someone were watching or not. When I got to the part of rubbing the bird down with butter… ok, ok, I see it now, this sounds hilarious as I write… but let me continue… a voice from behind me started giggling. Yup. My sister in law was just being all goofy, yet enthralled, mesmerized, looking at me with a silly grin. “Whaaaaaaaat?” was my response. I think, though, she was just digging how into it I was. While I’ve never considered myself particularly artistic, I think the place where any such talents come through, are in the kitchen. Cooking and baking and all the things that lead to making people happy at the table, are some of my greatest pleasures in life.


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The pleasures at the table are certainly some of the greatest in life. The Italians get it. They always have… which is why I admire and try to emulate, where and whenever possible, their philosophy on food, cooking and eating.

Thanks for reading and as always,
Buon appetito~

  • ps If I’m grilling rather than toasting an English muffin for a
    breakfast sandwich, I’ll cut it with knife, before buttering &


  • pps While prepping the turkey last Christmas..? This sister in law was not there for the, uh…. rub down. Just for her, we took photos!


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