Bacon, Fat. Why you should keep it!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about cucina povera. Every culture has it. (I’m going to have to check on how it’s said in Polish…) It’s how people survived, when times were not so good… it’s also how many tasty dishes came to be! Perhaps this does not ring true anymore – but it’s still no reason to be wasteful. In any kitchen I’ve ever been in… as a kid with my Mom, to culinary school, to the professional world – I was told… “NOTHING was to be wasted.”

Here’s another example… think dry/not so fresh bread. Then think… bread crumbs. Bread pudding. Croutons. French toast…

Emeril got it right when he said “pork fat rules!” Italians know it. My Mom sure knew it!! Any time she cooked bacon, she kept the fat. It would go into a container in the fridge, for future use. You know how much flavour is in bacon. Where do you think it comes from…??? And what kind of kitchen alchemy happens when you add all that taste, to other things…

Onions and peppers frying in bacon fat! Uses..? Countless.  Add sausage for an Italian classic. Add to scrambled eggs, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, salad, soup, pasta….This one small thing gives soooo much taste!

Adding bacon to other foods is all the rage these days. I particularly like the idea of a Jack Daniel’s Bacon Sandwich… MMMmmm.

Then there’s the goods on Thundering Thelma, Caplansky’s Deli on wheels! If you’ve had the Maple Bacon Donuts… I’d love to hear about it…


Yup, there it is. One of the tastiest ways to add flavour – to many things!!

 Seriously… have you had fried potatoes or home fries cooked in bacon fat….!!!

Let us know what you think!