Back to it…

Am delighted to back online AND in a new location. Slightly derailed on my life goals, events have aspired to keep me from making my living doing my first love – cooking & feeding people! Some of it was chosen, as in some travels through Europe: Italy, the UK and Poland. (More on those food adventures later, promise). I have to say, you really discover what you are made of, when you hit foreign lands with less than adequate knowledge of their language…. Other reasons, will just keep to myself. For now.

I should also tell you, that in building a food business, have discovered I enjoy talking & writing about food, almost as much as I enjoy cooking!! A surprise, for sure, but a welcome one.

Please stay tuned for posts on not only what I’m up to in the kitchen, but also as I explore the amazing culinary landscape of Toronto!

Buon Appetito!

Culinarily Yours,
Just In Thyme, Personal Chef