Announcing! Just in Thyme: Culinary Explorer

July 31, 2012

Just in Thyme HQ

Toronto, ON
Canada (eh!)

Dear Reader,

Since I seem to spend a great deal of time looking for all good things related to food, cooking, baking, eating…. I’m embarking on another quest. I’m going to share what I find, via this blog and I invite you to follow along with me; watch for the words Culinary Explorer in the title of future posts.

Fully admitting to being…. ‘no food snob’ … I will post on everything from food shops, cafés, burger joints, trattorie, green grocers, markets, gelaterie, bakeries, ristoranti, pubs, cheese shops…. I think you get the idea – wherever I find myself, as I venture out in search of all good things culinary!!

Thanks for following along, and please do include your comments, thoughts, suggestions… I love love love reading them. Especially love helping with the cooking questions you send my way!

Until next time…

Culinarily Yours,

Joanne Ochej
Just in Thyme
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