Ahhhh, asparagus and how to cook it 2

Some people steam it. Some boil it.  Me…. I keep it away from water!!

Letting anything cook in it’s own juices not only stops flavour and nutrition from escaping… it totally intensifies the natural taste, goodness and yes…. even the colour that Mother Nature has so miraculously and generously provided.

If the asparagus, or any produce for that matter, is in season and local – it will be fresh. It has plenty of it’s own natural moisture and in my mind, does not need any more. Or any escaping…. Remembering to keep it simple is THE best philosophy for food. Remembering to think like an Italian – in the kitchen – will never steer you wrong. What this means…?? Take the best local, seasonal products you can find. Treat them with respect. Treat them simply – do not fuss. Think of when you’re trying to ‘do’ your hair. What happens, when you fuss too much..?? ‘Nuff said.

Below, see some things I’ve been up to, with the fresh Ontario asparagus now popping up in stores. Thank Goodness. Spring really is here!

 THIS is what local seasonal produce looks like. Fresh. Vibrant. Gorgeous.
This is where the respect starts:
Trim no more than 1/2 inch from the end and peel the lower third.
It’s all edible.
 Keeping it simple with dry grilling (also yummy on the BBQ!)
They will ‘shrink’ while cooking – this is flavour intensified.
Add a little olive oil/butter and a sprinkle of salt…
 This WILL have you craving corn on the cob!!

Dress it up a little… roast them wrapped in Pancetta for a crispy, salty coating!
You could also use Prosciutto, Salami….

However you prepare it, get out there and get some while it’s at its best… fresh, seasonal, local.

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh, asparagus and how to cook it

  • Unknown

    mmm, love asparagus season, would also go lovely with your freezer hollandaise recipe for an interesting veggie platter item 🙂 Love the way you write and all the photos too! thanks

  • Just In Thyme

    Wow! Thanks for the fantastic comment!! Very glad that you're following my blog, and you're absolutely right – the freezer hollandaise would be dee-lish~

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