A Handful of Greens: my fave nutritional weapon~

As an advocate for the merits of healthy eating, I’m sure some find it strange that I often write about sweets. And baking…. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes. I know myself too well to deny having sweet treats, but also try to counter it by otherwise eating whole, healthy, fresh food.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Popeye cartoon, he was a character – a sailor to be exact – that got his strength from spinach. Yes… spinach. After eating his greens, his biceps would bulge to gargantuan, cartoon-like proportions, and he would inevitably save the day. The creator of this premise was not far off.

‘Eat your greens’, ‘eat your veg’, ‘if it’s green it’s good for you’…. are things often said, and not just by yours truly. I love greens. I do eat my veg! If only Mom could hear me now!!

This is where my fave nutritional weapon comes in. Like most cooking, once you learn the method, you have many different ‘recipes’ at your disposal. The tricks, once you know them, are so easy – you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with them sooner.

The handful of greens…? I lean towards baby arugula, with baby spinach being a close second. Next…?? Probably frozen spinach – FYI, one of THE best things to have stashed in your freezer.

The tricks…? Check out the pics below:


A quick sauté, then ‘hidden’ in layers of lasagna.

As a part of…
 … or the base for almost any salad.
Add to your pesto Genovese… 

Toss in at the end of almost any pasta dish… with just enough heat to slightly wilt.

Sneak some in an ooey-gooey grilled panino….

In the bottom of almost any bowl of soup….let it sit for a minute or two, then stir in.

Add to any burger…

… even at breakfast!! This is the frozen spinach, defrosted, sautéed in olive oil and rosemary – in the fridge, ready for use ! 

How easy is that!! If you keep fresh arugula, spinach and/or frozen spinach on hand, you`ll increase your ability to eat healthier, easier, and will also have more variety – at all meal times!! Buon appetito!
ps If you want the deets on just how nutritious they are: