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Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Embracing new ideas can be exhilarating, and new ideas in the kitchen are no exception. Even if you’ve not been making your own mayo for years, this ingenious recipe/method from seriouseats.com uses a stick blender and should totally convince you to try.

Better than anything you can buy, there is absolutely no reason to not be making your own mayo.  As well as not having preservatives & nastiness added to make it last longer than it really should, you can totally customize it to your taste. Everyone will think you’re a genius… and why not~


A little extra lemon juice? Perhaps some extra Dijon mustard? Easy on the salt?


You could do one of my fave switch-ups and add some quality extra virgin olive oil in place of the vegetable or canola oil. It gives the mayo a cool greenish tint and a lot of flavour!


Stored in a glass container, this will keep for days in the fridge. It’s fabulous of course, for all kinds of sandwiches. Also terrific as a dip, especially for goodies like not only regular fries, but also sweet potato fries. Other ideas…? Use some for a homemade tartar sauce for fish. Add roasted garlic for your very own garlic aioli. Once you have a batch made, put a couple spoonfuls in a bowl, and add what you like. More mustard? Tomato paste? Go ahead. Get creative. That’s the joy of making your own~

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